Everyday we witness politicians making delayed decisions about critical issues that are compounded by a forever changing landscape, a landscape affected by technology and political opportunism.

Unless democracy is dynamic, reflecting the needs of the day rather than the past, citizens will gravitate towards and be dependent on the character of decisive strongmen. 

Replacing the aims of democracy by hoping for benevolent dictatorships.

By enabling unique encrypted identification, driven by credential demanding services, it is possible to envisage polling services that put influence into the minds and hands of the populous. 

No longer should voters have to depend on representatives to interpret their needs, and wait for budgets to be allocated for referendums.

Voters should be able to investigate a subject, prove their knowledge and cast their opinion from the comfort of their lounge chair in a timely fashion.

The only way decisions can keep pace with change, the only way for democracy to survive the delays and incompetence rife in today's governments.

Politicians should feel the pressure of reality as it happens, a pressure only possible if citizens are empowered by a combination of decentralized integrity and unique crypto credentials...